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One of the best things about having an Android phone is choice. If you don’t like the stock user interface of the Android device you’re using, you can simply change the most of the things out. There are a lot of choices in the Android applications market. Of all the options of making changes to your device out there, however, changing the launcher makes the biggest impact on the overall user experience and satisfy you with the changes you can make using these launchers.

So, are you an android phone addict? Do you love customizing your phone and its colors? Do you love to customize your fonts and its colors? Then here it is for you. The Nova Launcher, a real treasure for  the lovers of Android customs.


About Nova Launcher

What is Nova Launcher? If you think it is just a customizable, performance driven, home screen, you are absolutely wrong. Nova Launcher is a lot more than what you think. Accept no other options than the Nova Launcher! Nova Launcher is the top launcher application for  Android devices nowadays, embracing full Material Design throughout. Nova Launcher allows you to replace your home screen with the one you can control and can customize as per your needs and choice. One of the best features that stands out of all the other apps of this category and makes a difference in the Nova Launcher is its outstanding graphics quality. Even the simple act of sliding your finger to switch pages or screens shows an elaborate transition in three dimensions. Nova Launcher app is a powerful and elegant launcher that lets you customize your home screen, icons, fonts, folders and their colors as well.

Nova Launcher belongs to the personalization category in the Android application market. Te Nova Launcher has been developed by Tesla Coil Software. Nova Launcher is original and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android devices.

The popular Nova Launcher has just completed  its fifth anniversary and is celebrating with great joy – by releasing version 5.0 of the Nova Launcher which is one of the best launchers for  the Android operating system . And as if that weren’t enough of a reason for excitement to the users ,you would be rejoiced to know that this new version of Nova Launcher brings together the features from the latest version of Android and Pixel Launcher, which has just come out on the new Google Pixel devices.So , are you still thinking? Just go on with the Nova Launcher blindly!


Features of Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher is an amazing app of its category. The launcher enables its users to get the most out of it. Customizing the way your dock changes or appear, changing fonts and its colors, changing the folder colors and many more exciting features for its users. All the features of the Nova Launcher app are enlisted below.

* Say OK Google- Just say OK Google to search anything you like. The Nova launcher provides you with the Google search box on the home screen, so search for anything you like with Google. No other launchers provide you with this feature, so download nova launcher and enjoy its features at its fullest.

Note – Google does not support all devices or locales yet, so this limitation applies to Nova launcher as well. So your device might not support this feature if your device is not supported by Google.

* Colour Theme- For those who love colors, Nova Launcher has the best features of all. Make your phone more colorful. Nova Launcher allows you to set color controls for your folders, tabs, unread count badges, background. Nova Launcher allows you to set the highlight accent colors as well. So go on with Nova Launcher and make your phone more colorful.

* Icon Themes – Many of the android users find it boring to see the same old icon themes. Users get bored seeing the same old icons. But now the Nova Launcher comes as a savior for those users. Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store and keep on customizing your phones endlessly.

* Subgrid positioning –The stock android doesn’t provide users with much icons and widgets customizing features. With much greater control than standard launchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snap icons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells.

* Customize App Drawer – Customize the tabs, Customize  Vertical or Horizontal scrolling as per your choice, custom effects of your choice.

* Infinite scroll – Loop through the desktop or drawer continuously with this infinite scroll feature of Nova Launcher.

* Backup/Restore –You can also backup your launcher settings and restore them later when you need. Sophisticated backup/restore system allows you to back up your desktop layout and launcher settings.

* Scrollable Dock –Now you can Create multiple docks and scroll between them.

* Widgets in the dock – Widgets, the vital thing one would place on the home screen. Now no need to worry, put any widget in your docks, such as a 4×1 music player widget, clock and many more of the widgets.

* Import Layout – Nova Launcher can import features from most popular launchers including the one that came with your phone.

* Fast – Unlike other launchers, the Nova Launcher doesn’t make your phones slow and doesn’t acquire much of the RAM making your phone slow. Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do the works quickly and quietly, keeping the animations movements smooth and lets you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers. So stop worrying about lagging phones and download Nova Launcher wirelessly.


Minimum requirements to install the Nova Launcher-

Prior to installing the APK file of the Nova Launcher, make sure that your device meets all the minimum requirements of this app. The Launcher would perform optimally only if these requirements are met. The minimum requirements are enlisted below.

* Your phone must have android 4.0 and above.

This is the minimum requirement for installation of Nova Launcher.


How to download and install Nova Launcher?

To install Nova Launcher in your phone, just follow this easy steps given below-

* Open Google Play store. Search Nova Launcher on the search bar.

* Click on the download option on the screen. The Launcher would be downloaded and installed on your phone.

* Prior to open this launcher it would ask for some permissions from your phone systems. Allow permission for the launcher.

* And finally you are ready to go. Customize your smartphone as much as you can. You can download many more themes from Play store.


Do you need to know anything more than this? So, what are you thinking now? Download the Nova Launcher app, customize your phone as much as you like and be happier than usual.


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