Lucky Patcher APK: Requirements and How to install

Lucky patcher apk download

Are you in the business of cracking apps?

If so, have you failed in it? Yes?

So, what’s your take on it?


As a bottom line, you have set up in your mind that cracking into apps is next to impossible!

Wait! Hold on!

You have must out something very special. It is the Lucky Patcher.

What’s this Lucky Patcher?


The Lucky Patcher is not a cracking app but something more to that.

It offers a series of features that can manipulate apps like keeping aside the illegalities and many more.

First, it examines the list of apps that are installed in your device. Then, it guides you to carry on the actions that can be taken in your device. After it has made its indication, you will find the way to remove the license verification. This you will find in the many apps.

The apps are required to be downloaded from the Google Play store. Next, the associated permissions will be modified. Then the files will be extracted from APK to do the work of backup.

Further, removing Google ads or unlocking paid apps will be provided.

For Lucky Patcher to work properly, you only require a rooted device.

After you have installed and ran the Lucky Patcher, you will get a list of the installed apps. Besides, there are other actions as well as color codes.

It is as per the color codes that the tools are compatible. When the color codes match, the operations allotted to it take place.

The various color codes and their indications are:

  1. Green: you can register and disconnect from Google Play
  2. Yellow: indicates that your device has a specific patch available
  3. Blue: inclusion of Google ads
  4. Purple: your device will start up a new system
  5. Orange: this is a system app
  6. Red: the device can be modified


Lucky Patcher allows you to do the following stuff:

  • Modify apps to remove ads
  • Modify the permission of an app
  • Bypass premium license verification

To experience the following, you will require a file explorer app such as the ES File Explorer. This will help to unzip the file. Also, you will need to permit the apps from unknown sources.

So, let’s start with the process of downloading Lucky Patcher APK for android.


Step 1

Installing ES File Explorer

  • First, open the app of Google Play Store.
  • Go to the search bar and type ‘ES file explorer’. You will find a list of apps appear as the search result.
  • Click on ‘ES file explorer file manager’. It looks like a blue app with a white cloud image on top of it.
  • Click on ‘Install’. This will install the ES file explorer.

Step 2

Allow installation of unknown apps

  • Go to settings. Click on the icon or swipe up the home screen from the bottom of your phone. This will open the app drawer of your phone.
  • As an alternative method, you can also swipe from top of the screen and click on the settings icon.
  • Next, click on ‘apps and notifications’. In case you have an older version of android, you will not find this option easily. Instead, click on ‘security’ followed by the option ‘unknown sources’. Switch it ON.
  • Click on ‘advanced’. Here you will get some extra additional options.
  • Then, click on ‘special app access’.
  • Next, go to ‘install unknown apps’.
  • Then, tap on the ‘ES file explorer’.
  • Finally, put the switch on ‘allow from this source’ to ON position. To enable it you have to turn the switch to the right-hand side. It will automatically turn blue. This will help you to install various apps on your android device that are not there in Google Play Store.

Step 3

Install Lucky Patcher

  • With the help of your Android device’s internet browser, go to
  • Click on ‘download Lucky Patcher APK’. A warning message will pop up on your screen. So, click on ‘details’ followed by tapping on the option ‘visit this unsafe site’. The official website proclaims that there are no viruses. You are visiting the site at your own risk.
  • Next, open the ES file explorer.
  • Now tap on the ‘menu’ option. It is the main menu on the left side corner of the screen.
  • Now click on ‘local’ you will get it right below the option ‘favorite’. This will bring you a lot more options.
  • Click on download. This will take you to the download folder of your android device.
  • Now tap on the ZIP file of Lucky Patcher. Its original name is given here: “ _ Official _ [version].zip”.
  • This may lead you to a pop-up box asking which program you want to use for unzipping the file.
  • Click on ‘ES Zip Viewer’.
  • Next, click on the Lucky Patcher APK file. This is the file that will help you install the Lucky Patcher app in your android device. From the pop-up menu, click on ‘Package Installer’.
  • Finally, click on ‘Install’.


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