How to delete a Discord Server

delete discord server

Are you searching for How to delete a Discord server? If your query is same then you have landed on right page. Today I am here providing you a quick guide on How to delete a discord server. But before starting the guide, Let’s talk about What is Discord Server is?

Well everyone knows that in this era Gaming is a fascinating part of our lives and every gamer know that how it gives you excitement and how Video Games became an essential and Excited part of their life.

Also if the gamer is playing an Online game, then it is like heaven on the gaming world, and when playing an Online game with the team, it is an excellent idea to be on touch with our team or with other players and keep talking with them so teamwork can improve your gameplay. And What if you can chat with them by text and even by voice chat isn’t it a good idea for gamers.

While playing video games can sometimes be a Solitary activity of the day, more often than not gamers enjoy playing video games together. Despite Their reputation for introversion, players can be quite social, but they want to be much louder on their field which is a gamer’s world. Multiplayer games are also top-rated, to the point where gamers will create them inside single-player games.

What is Discord Server?

Considering that Multiplayer games have been so omnipresent, and online gaming has been around since 90’s. Someone said “Voice Chat Programs for PC games that Skype, of all things, was the most convenient app despite how cumbersome it is. There have been various chat programs available for gamers for years, but many of them either difficult to use to the point of inconvenience or just never caught on due to a lack of feature. Also, most people don’t know about some of them.

Discord is the best platform to connect with your co-gamers and keep in touch with them by voice and also by text chat.  You can make channels and servers in it, and you can chat with all of the players of the video game that you are playing.

Now you have multiple discord servers in your discord app, and now you want to delete a server. Ok then for that don’t worry here we are going to show you the method to delete a discord server.

How to delete a Discord Server

Here are the steps to follow to delete a discord server.

  1. Open Discord App:-

Now, first of all, open your discord app. If you haven’t signed in yet then do so. If you have signed in, then go ahead to next step.

  1. Tap Menu Icon:-

After a successful login, tap the menu icon of your discord app, it can be found at the top-left corner of the app screen.

  1. Tap The Server You Want To Delete:-

Now click on the server that you want to delete from your server list.

  1. Tap Server Menu:-

Now on the server screen, you will find a menu icon at the top right corner of the screen click on it.

  1. Server Settings:-

In the menu dropdown, you will find a menu s named Server Settings tap on it.

  1. Overview:-

Now you have to tap on the Overview option.

  1. Tap On Menu Icon:-

You will see a menu icon on the right upper corner, just tap on that.

  1. Delete Server:-

Now you will see an option of ‘Delete Server’ tap on it.

  1. Confirm It:-

Now you have to confirm the deletion, and now you are all done your discord server has been deleted now.


Tip:- If the server is not your then you are not able to delete it.

So, guys, this was my quick article on how to delete a discord server. Hope you guys have enjoyed the article while reading. Also, if you have any questions related to this article or discord servers, you can ask them in the comment section below, and our team will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.


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