Top 7 Best Alternatives to Tor Browser to Access the Deep Web


TOR is open source software used to access deep web anonymously. You can’t access deep web with normal browsers because the .onion websites available on deep web are not indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing.

Accessing deep web is always difficult if you don’t know how to keep yourself protected and secured on deep web. Search engines display only the indexed results to you means when you access normal internet then anyone can see your IP address and even sometimes access location. TOR provides you the way to access hidden and protected content on deep web such as websites which are hidden from normal internet without getting tracked and not disclosing your identity.

Deep web consists of various types of websites and some of them are even banned due to sale of illegal materials such as drugs, weapons or child porn. Deep web provides you the open network that can help you stay protected against such traffic. Even your internet service provider can’t track you when you are using TOR to access deep web. It can be used by users such as businesses, activists, media, military and law enforcement agencies.

Alternatives to TOR

TOR network provides you complete privacy and freedom to carry out secret business activity, secure channels and even lot of configuration options embedded in the TOR. This doesn’t mean that TOR gives you everything by default but instead you need to provide and configure the security in TOR that allows you to run illegal business and access everything easily. There are so many things that can be carried out through TOR but you need to configure projects in TOR.

Apart from TOR, there are so many other alternatives available apart from it. TOR is under constant surveillance by National security agencies and other government organizations therefore people are looking for other alternatives that can be used apart from TOR.


It is an unidentified peer to peer communication layer and provides different type of open source tools. This application is complete alternative to TOR and the implementation layer like any other point to point software and therefore known as I2P. This application has been designed for the optimized secret services and provides a faster option compared to TOR due to self-organizing option.


Another popular tool used as an alternative to TOR is Freenet which is having same kind of tools as expected out of P2P distributed data storage and it can be used to keep the information on separate set of rules over the network therefore provides an option to browse through the network smoothly and in a secure medium. There are also safety measures available such as Darknet and OpenNet.


Linux based operating system Freepto is a USB bootable OS and automatically encrypt your data on USB. It is perfect software for hackers and provides easy way to explore deep web just like TOR. It comes loaded with different software’s pre-installed for use.

JonDo Live-CD

It is a Linux based operating system with different pre-configured tools available for surfing through deep web such as Pidgin, TOR browser, thunderbird and other programs. The benefit of using JonDo Live-CD is that it is a portable operating system and can be plugged in and played anywhere.


Yet another popular alternative to TOR is TAILS. The most amazing feature about this software is that it is a plug-in live OS which can be started on any computer using a SD card, USB drive or DVD. This software package contains all the applications configured and installed ready to use like browsing websites, image editors, office suite, sound, IM client and many more. This software provides an anonymity layer by adding additional security layers and can be deployed or used anywhere on the go without leaving any traces.

Subgraph OS

This one is also similar to that of Tails and makes use of TOR network but it is a permanent OS rather than bootable OS from DVD or USB. It has been designed to reduce attacks on users while exploring through the network. There are various additional settings available for the users such as firewall option, email client and encryption. Subgraph OS provides a lot of advantages to the users by limiting use of data formats and gives a threat while saving or opening any malicious file.

VPN options

Virtual private networks are another authentic way to improve your privacy, anonymity and censorship. It is important to understand the drawbacks and benefits of using VPN along with the browsers mentioned above but using them along with browsers provide you better security and privacy.

Final Words

TOR is synonym to deep web and used most commonly as a way to access deep web content. However if you are not happy with TOR or having issues with it then you can use above mentioned alternatives.


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