Amazon Echo vs Google Home


Amazon Echo and Google Home both are good smart speakers. Both can play music and can perform a wide range of tasks using voice control. Probably you can say that these two are some of the best smart speakers currently available over the gadgets markets. but I saw many peoples get confused while choosing between these two smart speakers. That is the reason why Today, in this article, I am going to make a deep review on Amazon Echo vs Google Home and I will share the each and every difference between these two giants so you can select that which one you are gonna to buy.

Amazon Echo vs Google home

Just say something loud to either of them, and each one of them will do their best to help you out which include the weather report, ordering pizza, or turning your lights off, etc.

Amazon’s speakers are powered by “Alexa” while Google uses “Google Assistant,” and both of them are the similar concept that is- a virtual helper that’s linked to your smart home, and both are the two giants available in the market regarding smart speakers.

So, you must be confused which one to buy between these two giants in the market. So today I am going to show you a comparison between both of them on the basis of some particular features.

It’ll help you to choose the best among both of them as per your needs and requirements. Let’s start a comparison of “Amazon Echo vs Google Home”-

Amazon Echo vs Google Home

1. Alexa vs Google Assistant

Both of them have developed into excellent voice assistants. They have a competitive type of features: Where Alexa supports slightly more smart home devices while Google lets you upload music of your own to its cloud.

Alexa is more configurable if you want to stick to its specific syntax  Where Google Assistant is easier to use and less frustrating. Hollering different combinations of same or different words at Google is going to produce more relevant results. But if you learn and memorize Alexa’s phrases, you can dig deeper to find more clear and understandable information sources.

By default, Google’s speakers sound better. But the 3.5mm output jack on Amazon’s product models opens up a vast world of third-party speakers, which you can enable with a little to no effort to give you a better sound. Alexa is also available on more third-party speakers as compared to Google Assistant.

2. Design

The latest Amazon echo is much better in looks than its previous version. It’s cylindrical approximately six inches high, with several removable fabric and wood covers which help to get fit in a wide range of home designs. It contains two buttons-one for turning the microphone off and another one for multipurpose actions.

While Google Home measures 5.6 inches tall and 3.8 inches around. It comes in white color, with swappable fabric and metal bases in seven colors which gives better options in colors. It has a touch interface which can be used to play and pause music, volume change, and activate Google Assistant.

So both are using the swappable-base approach, and you can pick any of those on the basis of design as Amazon echo have neutral colors whereas Google Home have bold colors and metal. I think Amazon’s design is on-trend now and has the upper hand at the moment.

3. Music

The Google Home provides more rich, more well-rounded sound than the Amazon echo, although it isn’t loud as much as Amazon echo. But Google home produces better sound quality than Amazon echo.

Both devices support TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio. The Amazon Echo also supports Amazon Music, while the Google Home supports Google Play Music and YouTube Red.

Google lets you upload your music to its cloud whereas Amazon used to give that service, but now you cannot sign up for that service, and existing users will be cut off in the year 2019. It makes Google home better for the people who have music collections.

The Amazon echo has 3.5mm jack which you can connect to a more powerful speaker to get more sound whereas Google Home does not have this feature.

However, both of them can be used as Bluetooth speakers for your phone, and support multi-room audio.

4. Voice Control

Google assistant is much better at handling web-based queries and free-form questions than Alexa is. Alexa also relies on Wikipedia for web-based queries while the search of google assistant is much more comprehensive and detailed.

One thing at which Alexa beats Google is “Query related to shopping” as she helps you to find the needed products from Amazon.

Both can do various things like spelling words, reading news, setting timers, etc. Google assistant is much more conversational than Alexa is.

5. Smart Home

The brand-gap between the two is not much significant but still Google home lacks some brands like Carrier, Blink, Haiku, and Netatmo. But Google Home would connect to anything that has Chromecast attached to it.

Both of them lets you combine your devices into rooms so that you can say things like “turn off the lights” and both support Routines which helps you to connect multiple actions into a single command.

You can link both of them to TV using their associated streaming sticks. Google Home has one significant content advantage: It is integrated with Youtube which keeps appearing and disappearing from Amazon echo because of the power struggle between Google and Amazon.

6. WiFi, Skills, Calls

Both of them connect to your WiFi network at home. Amazon echo had better connectivity than Google Home in a test conducted.

Google home has 1800+ third-party skills which include ordering Domino’s pizza and cars from Uber where Alexa has 24000+. But many of these skills of Alexa are not much worth. Still, it has more local bus systems, sports stats, etc.

You can make outbound calls to regular phones with both of them. Google Home doesn’t receive calls while Amazon echo can receive calls from other Echos, and it can also receive calls on your home phone line via $34.99 Echo Connect Box.

Google home can recognize up to six different voices of different people and can switch to their accounts automatically whereas you have to tell echo individually “Switch to account X.”

7. Ecosystem

As Amazon entered the market first, it has a wider range available in its products. You have small Echo Dot, where Google has “Google Home Mini.”

But Amazon also has Echo-show and Echo Spot, which Google has no counterparts of yet. On the other hand, Google assistant has more reach because of its default installation on Android devices.


As you have seen the distinct features and advantages in “Amazon Echo vs Google Home” comparison. It would help you to choose which one to buy according to your suitability and requirements.

But here’s a little suggestion for you from my side:

  • If you’re more of a “set it and forget it” kind of person, go with Google as its syntax will remain simple
  • If you want to dive deeper to learn and configure things for maximum power, Alexa would be better.

So, if you have any query or questions regarding any of these products just drop them in the comment box as I’d love to help you.


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