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Adaway APK Download

Just think what could be the most annoying thing for the smartphone users? What is the thing that irritates the smartphones users most? Of course, what most of the users would answer would be ‘the advertisements.’ Just imagine, while you are playing games or surfing on YouTube or texting someone using some app and the ads pop up on your screen, what could be the most annoying thing than this. Now no need to be getting disturbed by these annoying advertisements because we are going to share an awesome application that will solve your problem easily. All you just have to download Adaway for phone and use your phone without any disturbance. 

What is Adaway APK?

Adaway for Android is an open source advertisement blocker application available for Android devices. It does its work using the host’s file only. For Adaway to be installed in your android device, your device needs to be rooted because it installs itself in the root layers of your system. Adaway app blocks advertisements from any app from appearing anywhere on your device. Adaway is an ad blocker application which effectively installs a filter at the root levels of your device when downloaded.

This filter which is installed by this Adaway for Android automatically blocks data from certain advertising-prone web servers. Adaway blocks advertisements from appearing anywhere on your Android device. It is one of the best Open Source Projects on GitHub that is mostly downloaded.And guess what the best part is? You can download it for free; you don’t need to pay a penny for this app. In this project, there has been a total of 724 commits which were done in 2 branches. With 20 release(s) by 20 contributor(s), Adaway has stood out to be a successful app. Like the work it does of keeping the ads away, the project has been named as Adaway by its fantastic community.

How does the Adaway app work?

Now let us talk about how the Adaway works. When an app tries to show you an advertisement from one of their servers, Adaway detects it and simply redirects the ad to, which is nothing.

An amazing feature of the Adaway app is that you can add your own blocked servers to the list or simply rely on the built-in database of this app, it will do its job best. Now you would think what if Adaway block any important data or information. Now you must know what happens In most cases, the servers that deliver advertisements only deliver advertisements, they don’t deliver any important messages, so you’re not blocking any other important data or information on your device.

And what results, in the end, would make you the happiest person on this planet! The end result is that you would experience an ad-free Android experience across all the apps you use.

Recently Google removed Adaway and all the other ad-blocking apps of its category from the Google play store. Google hates apps like Adaway and other ad blocking apps. And this resulted that you have to install Adaway in the form of an Adaway APK.

How much does the installation of the Adaway APK cost?

Adaway APK is available for free online on many sites. Adaway app has always been an open source free software (GPLv3+). If you are happy enough with the Adaway app, however, you can donate to the developers at the official Adaway site.

Note: You can also install Adaway without flashing the APK – you just need to use F-Droid. Steps for downloading the app from F-Droid has been explained below. You may follow the steps to download the Adaway app.

Best Features of the Adaway application

Here are the essential features of the AdAway app enlisted below. This powerful ad blocker comes with a number of unique advantages, just check it out.

  • You can choose your own sources of host files of the annoying advertisements(host files are the lists of blocked advertisers)
  • You can add exceptions to your whitelist if a certain app is not working with certain hosts are that are blocked by the Adaway app or by the user itself.
  • Now don’t worry about the advertisements that are sneaking in. You can also define extra hostnames in your blacklist if some ads are sneaking through the filter
  • You can also add your own hostname and also the Internet Protocol pairs in the Redirection List
  • You can clean the modern User Interface which is extremely easy to use.

What are the minimum requirements of Adaway apk download?

Worried about would this app run on your device or not? You don’t need to worry. The minimum requirement of this app is that your device must run on Android 4.1 or the later versions.


Download Adaway APK

Download Adaway today is a bit more difficult. You need to use a third party app F-Droid.

Here is the download link to download adaway apk efficiently.

Download Adaway APK

Steps to install Adaway APK

Adaway and the other similar apps of its advertisement blocking friends were recently blocked from the Google Play Store. Google apparently doesn’t like that when an app can single-handedly block the ads that are making profits of billions of dollars per year for Google. Here’s the step-by-step Adaway app download guide:

  • Make sure that your Android devices allow app installations from unknown sources that mean the sources outside the Google Play Store. You can enable this in your device from Settings > Security or Settings > Applications. You may uncheck the unknown sources option after you’ve finished installation Adaway as you just need it enabled for the actual installation part.
  • Now you need to Download and install a third-party app store called F-Droid on your  Android device. You need not worry about this app store F-Droid as it is officially affiliated to Adaway. You’ll need to sideload F-Droid as it comes in the form of an APK file. Download that APK file into your device’s internal storage. Open the file manager on your device, find it, and tap on it to install it.
  • Open the F-Droid app on your Android device. After opening the F-Droid app, it will start scanning your device for compatibility. Once the scan is complete, search for Adaway in the search box of the F-Droid app store. Once you Find it, download it and then install it.
  • Now the next step is Open Adaway and gives it the root access of your device. After you grant the root access, press the download files button and then apply ad blocking button. Adaway will start its work; it will modify the host files and block the advertisements.
  • Now the last step is to restart your device. Restarting of your smartphone would successfully finish the installation process.

After restarting, all of the annoying ads you see in the apps you use like YouTube, messaging apps, games, and other apps would disappear. That’s it! Now no need to worry about the disturbing ads as Adaway is set to work.

Final Words-

Adaway is a simple, effectively built, and the best app of its ad-blocking category which protects rooted devices from the annoying and sometimes malicious – advertisements. Is there anything more you need to know? If you feel, advertisements are the worst things that could annoy you then nothing could be the best option as the Adaway app. So download this app and use your apps without getting disturbed by ads.


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